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* * * * FOAL-VINTAGE 2018 SOLD * * * *

 * * * our mares are tested for WFFS and no carriers of this genetic defect * * *        

our breed mares

( trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 05.03.2013

ancestry: San Amour - Regazzoni - Andiamo

dam-line: Rouelette

Mother`s Blood of Premium-Class !

This movement artist in black jacket brings joy to the stable.. Equipped with a perfect sequence of movements she hovered already as a foal proud through the arena. The pairing of San Amour (father of champion stallions and federal champions) with the famous "Pedigree of Rudilore" has successfully borne fruit.

decorated with Foal-Association-Prize

Auction-Approval-Vechta 2013

We are proud to be able to pair this First-Class-Mother-Blood!




"Bordeaux" - should foal in may 2019


" Viktoria " (Rudilore-Dam-Line)

born: 18.02.2018

ancenstry: Vitalis - San Amour – Regazzoni

• A few hours after birth she already convinced !

Can`t be much better !


"D`Artagnan" (Rudilore-Dam-Line)

born: 04.03.2017

ancenstry: Diamond Hit - San Amour – Regazzoni

• With tact and rubber he will conquer the square !

This dancer of "Diamond Hit" convinces not only by strikingly swinging movement. His mother "Sissi" (daughter of First-Class-Stallion "San Amour") also gave him chic and elegance.

More compressed can exclusive performance blood in a pedigree not be !


"San Francisco" (Trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 05.05.2015

ancestry: San Amour – Regazzoni – Andiamo

• Breeders-Pride !

Fleet-footed, classy and charming impressed this movement artists. The successful bloodline of his father "San Amour" is protected on the mother's side by the famous "Rudilore-Dam-Line". This globally recognized dam-line brought numerous licensed stallions and sport horses such as Romanov (victorious Grand Prix Special under Hans Peter Minderhoud), Rubin Action (victorious Grand Prix under Stella Charlott Roth), Rockefeller, Rubin Royal and many, many more .. ...



"Schwarze Marie" (Trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 20.04.2014

ancestry: San Amour – Regazzoni – Andiamo

Black Dressage Pearl To Dream!

This elegant, long-legged uphill designed black lady has captured our breeder heart immediately and will also inspire you. She was born at 20:04:14 and on the photos she's only a few days young. The first kicks convinced and immediately recall her full sister "Sissi", she received an auction-approval last year. Many dressage athletes from this dam line have already convinced in sports.

decorated with the "foals-association-premium"

We are pleased that Marie gets a wonderful home and are particularly happy as breeder, because Marie has the chance  for excellent education.

Marie is now called "Smilla"!


Feiner Kerl (Trunk of the Rudilore)

born 08.02.2012

ancenstry: Fürstenball – Regazzoni - Andiamo

• Beautiful excetional colt inviting you to dream - a dressage talent that allowed looking to the future !

Dear Nadine, thanks for the great pictures and continued joy and luck with your "Kuddel" !


Dr. Bob (Trunk of the Rudilore)

born 04.02.2011

ancenstry: Decamarone - Regazzoni - Andiamo

• He will make his way !

Self-confident and open to the world enjoys this magnificent colt of his life. In typeful
“mountain up construction” are put in the clock and elasticity into the cradle.


Schabernack (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 08.01.2010

ancestry: Sir Donnerhall - Regazzoni - Andiamo

Schabernack could keep what he promised as foal!

Schabernack has found a very wonderful and loving home with Susann near Berlin. He not only makes his rider happy, but also captivates with its warm and honest nature all who have to do with him. Especially children, he is open-minded and takes them every fear!

Thank you Susan for the beautiful pictures and lot of fun with the horse ! We are very proud !

(as foal: • type to „steal your heart“ with exceptional motor functions of his gaits. Nothing seems to faze him and he`s also extremely charming to work with. A feat-her-light rhythm paired with impulsion opens the best perspectives. •Foal - awards 2010 and sold to USA)


Simsalabim (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 08.01.2009

ancestry: Sir Donnerhall - Regazzoni - Andiamo

• Leather black exquisite filly with a brillant pedigree and first class movements.

We are pleased that our "Bimbam" has found a new home in the nice "Eifel". The mare is in foal from "Follow Me" and should get her first baby in 2014. Antje - we wish you good luck and success !


Rudi (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 26.05.2007

ancestry: Rosario - Regazzoni - Andiamo

• colt sold to South Germany
with sophisticated dressage qualities this expressive chestnut could convince his first tournament operations and secure placement on the front ranks.

• dressage elementary (A) level tests several times highly placed and victorious


mare of Samarant (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 04.05.2006

ancestry: Samarant - Regazzoni - Andiamo

• This mare is sold with cold of the stallion Fürst Romancier (born 07.02.2009).
• Here she presents her filly "Fantasie"  from the stallion "Fürst Romancier" born 02.02.2010


Drachenfee (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 24.04.2005

ancestry: Diamond Hit - Regazzoni - Andiamo

• Black-brown dressage lady of good size.
• Capital gaits, extremely rideable und pleasant to deal with.
• The full sister was sold by auction in vechta 2008 to USA.


Stallion of Royal Hit (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 10.05.2004

ancestry: Royal Hit - Regazzoni - Andiamo

already died as colt


Die Puppe (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 02.02.2003

ancestry: Diamond Hit - Regazzoni - Andiamo

• sold by auction in vechta 2008 to USA