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In 2018 we look forward to offspring of the TOP-DRESSAGE-STALLIONS:

*** Vitalis *** Desperado *** Indian Rock *** Quando Unico *** San Amour ***

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our breed mares


Fürstin Februar

born: 06.02.2011

ancestry: Fürst Romancier – Laurentio – Andiamo

dam-line:  Lieschen Müller

Expressive, original line of Rudore/Rudilore which is also found, e.g. in D-Day and Rubin Royal. Through her dam Randora, she is inbred over the legendary "Absatz", who was known for making fabulous types.

A breeding jewel - a pearl for the future!

Her first foal impresses with a quality that each breeder heart beat faster!




"Quando Unico" should foal in april 2018


" XXX " (Rudilore-Dam-Line)

born: XXX

ancenstry: Quando Unico - Fürst Romancier – Laurentio



"Lola" (Rudilore-Dam-Line)

born: 31.03.2017

ancenstry: Le Vivaldi – Fürst Romancier – Laurentio

Dressage blood of the best !

This filly in "big size" shows dressage genes which raise hope for great things.

Highest Level for sport and breeding !


"Fürst vom Hasetal" (Rudilore-Dam-Line)

born: 15.04.2016

ancenstry: Finest – Fürst Romancier – Laurentio

Eye-Catcher out of "Rudilore-Dam-Line" !

This extremely long-legged and ultramodern "Movement Artist" of "Finest" embodies dressage-genes on highest level. He moves powerfully with great mechanics. Hedged through the "success dam-line of Rudilore" promises the mother-father "Fürst Romancier" dressage blood with excellent rideability.

Look closely !


"Fashion Hero" (Rudilore-Dam-Line)

born: 04.03.2015

ancenstry: Fürst Fohlenhof – Fürst Romancier – Laurentio

Today we want to march ....... - in white socks he is dancing to the beat.

This exceptionally long legged and proud colt is an eye catcher and presents itself always with tact and elasticity.

This pairing was perfect!


Free Willi (Trunk of the Rudilore)

born 08.02.2013

ancenstry: Fürstenball – Laurentio – Andiamo

Quality is no coincidence!

Leggy and uphill laid out “Sunny Boy” who can convince in all ways. The trunk of his father "Fürstenball " - Champion Stallion, stallion performance test winner, National Champion of five-year old dressage horses - is hedged valuable over the damline by the highly refined stallion "Laurentio".

decorated with the "foals-association-premium"


Little Joe

born 23.02.2012

ancenstry: L´Espoir – Laurentio – Andiamo

• Foalawards 2012

• Long-legged artist of motion from the best bloodlines !

His father, L'Espoir was the winner of the Danish-Stallion-Licensing in 2009 and is ridden by Heike Kemmer since 2012. L `Espoirs father Lord Loxley was Federal-Champion and Vice-World-Champion, he has already produced 23 approved stallions including many premium stallions.

Look at this young talent and then make decisions for the future.


Fürst Februar (trunk of the Rudilore)

born: 28.02.2010

ancestry: Fürst Romancier – Laurentio – Andiamo

• Elegant and radiant colt prospect with ideal movements and a special aura of the stallion “Fürst Romancier”, born with many gifts at center of attention.

• Foalawards 2010

• Sold to the Netherlands ! Visit "Fürst Februar" on his homepage :